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A Boston for All

We are continuing to build out our vision of a Boston for All based on the input of community.
Please give us a call or email to share your vision!

Great Public Schools for All

As a Boston Public Schools teacher and father of two BPS students, I see the importance of investing in high-quality and equitable public education. Unfortunately, this investment is not happening for all students within the Boston Public Schools system. As a member of the Boston Teachers Union and co-chair of Black Lives Matter At School I have advocated for a budget that will help our city's youth gain access to an education that can prepare them for their future. As City Councilor, I will work with my union, community groups, parents, and students to demand a budget that brings opportunity to all students. Our schools deserve funding that we are capable of providing, and all our students deserve a quality education in modern schools. 

Affordable Housing for All

Boston has become one of the most expensive & unaffordable cities in America, leading to far too many of our neighbors being displaced and pushed out of the city they love. As a long time renter and current homeowner, I see the very real housing affordability challenges we have in District 3. I have seen families with deep roots in Dorchester, South Boston, and the South End leave because both rent and the price to buy a home have soared beyond affordability. This issue will not be solved by one person alone, which is why as City Councilor I will work with all levels of government, businesses, unions, tenant organizations, and nonprofits alike to address rent affordability and increase home ownership. We need to add to our supply of affordable units responsibly, protect tenants, and ensure we maintain the culture that makes Boston a desirable city for people of all income levels to live in.

Safe & Reliable Transportation for All

We are currently witnessing the consequences of a neglected transportation system: a crumbling T, overflowing traffic, and deteriorating roads & sidewalks. The consequences are not only inconvenient but dangerous. Boston can do better and we deserve better. All our neighbors deserve transit which will get them to work and back home safely and on time. When one mode of our transportation system fails, we all hurt. I myself rely on using the Red Line daily to get to work so I know how critical a functioning T is to our working families who don’t have time to wait 20 minutes for the next train at rush hour. Lastly, public transportation is a prime sector in which we can reduce our carbon output. We should take advantage of this attractive form of environmentally friendly commute and embrace a Green Boston.

A Green Boston for All

For decades we have pointed to graphs, charts, and menacing studies to reveal the effects of climate change. Now all we have to do is look at our surroundings. Climate change is having drastic effects on all aspects of Boston, and it will require a unified approach to build the resilient and adaptable infrastructure needed to protect all our neighbors. From building green schools, to making all public vehicles electric, to planting trees in all our neighborhoods, as City Councilor I will work together with the many people and groups to build a green Boston for all. 

A Strong Local Economy for All

As the former President of Fields Corner Main Street, I see the critical need to support our small businesses. These form the backbone of our community: they employ our neighbors and keep investments in our local economy. As City Councilor, I’ll make sure that the needs of our small businesses are being consistently met so that these crucial elements of the community are not lost.

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