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A Green New Deal for District 4

Scientific research shows us that our current systems of production are unsustainable. These studies are full of threats and menacing time tables which predict massive destruction to our neighborhoods, businesses, and homes. However, these studies are also full of solutions. We have an opportunity to put Boston on a new course through a Green New Deal that pushes for carbon neutrality, sustainable energy, fare-free & reliable transportation, resilient infrastructure, and union green jobs.

Renewable Energy and Resilience

As a city by the sea, rising sea levels pose a growing threat to our infrastructure and even our homes. This means that we must act fast in combating climate change through decarbonizing Boston and switching to green and renewable energy wherever possible. We must also prepare for the inevitable increase in heat waves and “once-in-a-lifetime” weather events through investing in reliance programs and infrastructure. That is why as City Councilor I will push to…

  • Commit Boston to a net-zero municipal footprint by 2024, 100 percent renewable electricity by 2030, and citywide carbon neutrality by 2040.

  • Push for targeted investments into renewable energy programs and allow fossil fuel-based energy become a thing of the past.

  • Begin the process of retrofitting and installing solar panels on municipal buildings, using all revenues raised to subsidize community programs.

  • Expanding and investing in cooling and heating stations, especially in vulnerable communities in Dorchester, Mattapan, Roslindale, and Jamaica Plain.

Green and Reliable Public Transportation

Personal vehicles are one of the leading producers of pollution in our city. To combat this, we must massively upgrade and invest in our public transportation to get our neighbors out of their cars and into energy efficient and green forms of transportation. As City Councilor I will push to create a public transit-friendly environment through:

  • Freeing the T to encourage ridership, ease the burden on working class Bostonians, and because we already finance it with our taxes.

  • Expanding bus coverage and frequency, especially within historically underserved regions of District 4 in Mattapan and Dorchester. 

  • Ensuring the MBTA transitions to a fully electric fleet, and prohibiting the use and purchasing of gas-powered carts.

  • Creating a more inviting public transit, for instance, decorating stations with the work of local artists.

Green Communities

Having green space in our communities is crucial for the health of our families. Especially in Mattapan, Dorchester, and Roslindale, our communities deserve green spaces that will cool our neighborhoods, help clean our air, and provide a safe and vibrant place for our youth to play in. That is why we must…

  • Invest in expanding our current tree canopy to naturally cool streets and clean the air, and push against proposed tree cuttings.

  • Utilize the many vacant lots in Mattapan in Dorchester to turn them into parks, especially in historically underserved communities.

Safe and Accessible Streets

Creating an accessible and inclusive city starts with safe streets. We want Bostonians to be able to walk or bike through their neighborhoods with zero concerns about their safety. What is more, we should incentivize people to use alternative forms of transportation in the interest of clean air and of reducing our carbon emissions. The implementation of more bike lanes and defined car-free spaces will highlight cleaner transportation methods, reduce carbon emissions, and ensure the security of all of Boston’s pedestrians. Therefore, I will push for:

  • Establishing access to public space as a civil right- not one just for abled, young people, and/or healthy people.

  • Applying a new and proactive street design including:

    • Carving out wider spaces for sidewalks and paths, so that people are not forced into the street during times of high concentration.

    • Clearly defined spaces that include sidewalks and adequate bike lanes, so that it is clear where everyone is supposed to be at all times as they travel our streets.

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