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My name is Joel Richards - I am a Boston public school teacher, a pastor, and father of two boys (JC and Johan) living in the heart of Dorchester with my wife, Madeligne. 


I am the proud son of Jamaican immigrants who instilled in me the values of hard work and mutual care. It is because of these values that I have spent my entire life working for the community - from the classroom, to the pews, to the streets. This work has taught me  how to bring together diverse groups of people around the issues that unify us all -  being able to provide for your family in a neighborhood that is safe and affordable.


That is why I am excited and proud to run for Boston City Council in District 3. I am running to unify the diverse neighborhoods of Dorchester, South Boston, and the South End on a campaign centered on building a Boston for all, where all students receive a quality education in a modern school, all families can afford to live in the neighborhoods they love, and where we can all get to work & home safely and on time. 


Help us build a
Boston for All

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This is a community centered campaign that needs grassroots support to win. Make a contribution to help build a Boston for All!


Dorchester - South Boston - South End

With new district lines comes some confusion, use this link to find out if you're in district!

Your vote matters, register to vote here!

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